Sunday, May 13, 2012

Coloring with Mom

Do you recognize this harmonious group?


It will not surprise you that I have a lot of vivid memories of coloring.  It was and still is one of my favorite pastimes, especially with a little grandchild at my elbow. 

Mom and I got to travel all by ourselves one weekend while I was in grade school, and stay in a hotel.  The only thing I remember clearly about that trip was that Mom bought a Lennon Sisters coloring book for me, so I would have something to do in our room.  We colored together, and Mom showed me that pink and red can, in fact, complement each other in an accessorized outfit. 

I haven't particularly followed the Lennon Sisters' career, and I don't think I would try to pull off a pink/red combination in an outfit-- but I will never forget my coloring book, or coloring with my mom in that hotel room.

If you haven't colored a picture since you were a tittle tyke, but you have kids or grandkids with whom you'd like to make a memory, you know I am an advocate.  In a world where kids might have 20 hours of virtual experiences for every twenty minutes of actual reality, I think it's up to us to make sure they are getting some face time-- some human interaction and no-tech activity-- to anchor them to the physical world and the timeless bond of a mother's or grandmother's love.

Nutritional advice for multiple generations of heart health:  Put a box of crayons on your grocery list. :)

Happy Mother's Day to us all, with special thanks to my glamorous, colorful mom.