Saturday, March 24, 2012

Getting Ready for Cup Cake Camp

I spent a week making do-it-yourself report covers for my buddy posters, which I will offer for sale at my booth at the Seattle Cup Cake Camp next month.  Eventually I remembered that my fairy buddy posters are Christmas scenes.  So I am doing new ones for spring.  One scene is our familiar Kat Green fairies stopping to smell the roses; the second shows the fairies lounging in the branches of a cherry tree.

I'm getting really excited about my Kat Green Store Princess Party at the Seattle Cup Cake Camp.  I hope my princesses and fairies will add some magic to the day for all the little girls who attend.  I think I will bring Princess Power Packs too, just in case.

Here we are in a rose bush

And lounging in a blossoming cherry tree

I'm just a big kid who loves to color.  As soon as these are back from the printer, I'll color a set to display.  

If you have checked at Kat Green Store, you know that these will be cut into two 8.5" X 11" halves, to be colored separately by two buddies, then taped back together into a collaborative poster. If I had had a set of these when I was a kid, I would have plopped all my friends down to color with me, like it or not. If there are kids like that around now, I hope their friends are in the mood to color half of a poster!
Happy spring!