Monday, July 12, 2010

Something fun for your girls to do this summer!

Keep those clever little minds occupied this summer!  Let's have a contest. 

First Contest:

What do you think the princesses, fairies or big sisters are saying?  Choose a picture and write something about it!  Your child can write the story on the blank page facing the coloring page in any of the Kat Green "color and keep" books, then type it here on the blog.  (If she is not a typist yet, Mom or Dad can transcribe.)

Don't have a coloring book?  That's OK.  Download one of the FREE coloring pages.  Be sure to describe the picture so we know which one your child is writing about.

We'll publish all the great stories and include the first name only of the author AND send her a free coloring book!

Second Contest:

What do YOU think a fairy, a princess or a big sister would love to do?  Send your idea and Kat Green will draw a special picture just for you!!  You'll get the original drawing to color, your idea will be posted on for other little girls to download and color AND we'll send you a free coloring book!

Know what?  I bet the stories and picture ideas our little girls come up with together will make the best, most amazing, most beautiful and most fun story EVER!!!  (Whispered to Mom and Dad:  They will also be developing skills without even realizing it!)

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