Sunday, December 18, 2011

Working on chemo drawings

I drew some preliminary sketches tonight, of a princess who is undergoing chemo. I really like this idea, suggested by a reader.  In this series, I want to include the drawing I started, below, of a princess being half-carried by her friends.  The princesses are having fun swinging their friend between them in her formal gown. The princess who is being treated for cancer is having the most fun of all in this scene. I will also include a princess with no hair in her royal bedroom, with all the imaginary elaborate trappings, with her friends sitting with her on her bed playing with their dolls.  Maybe I'll perch a cat on the bed with the girls.  The third drawing I am thinking of will be the princesses playing with wigs on forms.  I want to emphasize that the girl's friends will stand by her as she manages her treatment, and there will still be good times, even on the bad days.  She will still be the same princess and her friends will love her exactly as before.


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