Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For fun, here's an illustration of the ideas I discussed in the last blog, below.  Start with a drawing of a princess.  It might just be colored, for the pleasure of choosing colors and enjoying the fantasy.

 Or, to make the picture more interesting, colors could be blended.

Finally, girls might want to experiment with form modeling-- suggesting shapes by deciding how light would play off the form. 

I think coloring books can be fun, relaxing and interesting for every one old enough to grasp a crayon, including grandmothers.  It would have been fun to give this princess a red dress, a pink dress, a bright turquoise dress, a black dress with pink roses...  But I am getting carried away.  I love coloring.


  1. Hi Kathy! I just saw your blog how fun. I have three little girls so we love to do things for little girls too! Your picture is beautiful. Are your coloring books being sold somewhere?

  2. Hi Heather. Yup. They are for sale at But they are free for Greens. Tell me how many you want, and I'll bundle them off. Special niece discount. :) (Email me your shipping address.)

  3. My daughter would like to share this blog in her class! She has to talk about art or poetry, and who better to choose for an artist than Katgreen!

  4. What fun! Let me know if I can send something to help illustrate basic principles such as the three I have discussed here; blending color for effect, varying value to suggest form, or creating negative shapes to add interest. I would love to contribute something.