Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Coloring Fairies in the Fall

If you flip through the thumbnails of the pictures in the Fairies or Jumbo Book for Girls coloring books, you will see this picture of fairies riding falling leaves down from the trees.  For girls who are a little older, it could be a great experiment to collect real autumn leaves and try to match their colors with crayon or another medium.  This is just good ol' Crayola crayons, using a pack of 24 colors.  Even very young kids can blend colors to get interesting effects.  The great thing about art is that it awakens all of us to an appreciation of the sights around us.  Those of you who live near deciduous trees that turn dazzling colors this time of year can help your children capture the magic by studying and recreating the leaves.

One comment:  I found quite a crew of tiny creatures clinging to the undersides of the leaves I gathered for this coloring project, and they were definitely NOT fairies.  You might want to make sure you wash your leaves before your kids start to color.


  1. I barely recognized this image - what a beautiful interpretaton. It's hard to believe it's a coloring book :) Love it!

  2. My daughter saw your picture here on the blog, and immediately turned to this exact picture to color! She LOVES your book, and is showing it off to all her friends! Of course we then say, you know you can buy one of these books too! :)

  3. Sharon, bless you for supporting Kat Green Store! :) Honestly, the joy is all about providing fun coloring projects for adorable children. I am very sure I am loving it more than they are; every time I hear that another child is enjoying these books, it's a thrill that lasts all day.