Saturday, September 25, 2010

The guys are chiming in!

Here's a phenomenon I did not expect.  Recently two young boys have left messages on my site, asking for guy stuff.  One is a competitive biker, all boy, nicknamed "Bubba."  He wanted a knight; so I drew him the toughest knight I could think of, with a dirt bike as a coat of arms and a tire as his token.  (And, for good measure, I added a jousting knight on a horse, which I'll post later.) 

Then, within days, a ten year old left me a message asking for a drawing of himself driving a sports car.  He'd like either a Lamborghini or a Ferrari.   I'll definitely draw him both pictures.

I found this interesting, because I did not think boys would particularly want to color.  I asked my Face Book friends if their sons, grandsons, nephews or male students liked to color. They said, "Mine do."

I took a class in Entrepreneurism as part of my degree in Business Administration, although it was not required, because it was taught by one of my favorite teachers.  Even her outstanding instruction did not prepare me for the interesting discovery process of actually being in business, making every effort to deliver what the customers want.  So, guys, here come the pix.


  1. Thanks again!!!! Bubba absolutely LOVED coloring these.

  2. I have a son, and his friend has so much energy that I can't get him to sit for 1 minutes when he's over here. He won't stop for TV, a movie, hardly even video games. But when we start printing out coloring pictures of dirt bikes, Star Wars characters or other "boy" pictures, he'll sit and color for a long time! I think most boys enjoy it as much as girls.

  3. Sharon, that is VERY interesting. It would be worth it to try "Guy Stuff" on Kat Green, if only to help extremely active little boys connect with their calm, artistic side.