Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Jousting Knight

Here's the jousting knight for Bubba, the biker.  He's a first-grader.  I think it's interesting that he wanted to color a knight.  It has been tons of fun for me to learn what sorts of things my customers want to color.  I would never have come up with such great ideas myself.  I'm going to add these custom drawings as free downloads, to help visitors to my site think more about what it might be fun for their kids to color.

Here are a few things I think would be interesting to do:

     1)  A "buddy book."  The opposite pages are designed to be taped together after they are colored, to form one large picture.
     2)  And how about a mosaic for parties?  A ginormous picture, after all the individual parts are taped together.  I think that might be fun even for the adults to participate in.
     3)  Christmas Fairies and Christmas Princesses.  Think of the great images of parties, decorations and fabulous dresses!
     4)  I still want to follow up on Corine's idea:  A calendar for children to color as a gift.  I would leave strategic blank areas on each page for kids to personalize each month with a special message for the recipient.  I would love to get one from a grandchild or student, and I think it would make an awesome project.  (Corine is so smart!!)

These musings are making me wish Kat Green Store were my day job! 


  1. You have so much talent! My son, Bubba, absolutely loved coloring these knights.

    Thanks for the wonderful drawings. My kids are having SO much fun coloring!

  2. I'll try this again! My suggestion would be a boys coloring book? Lots of cars, trucks, light sabers, explosions? :)

  3. This may not be economical, but it would be fun to have a Holidays coloring books! Several pages covering each holiday? My kids get almost always start looking for holiday pictures to get them in the mood for each one!

  4. Sharon, I am DYING to do a boys book and Christmas Fairies and Christmas Princesses. I might have to give up Farmville...