Monday, October 25, 2010

A Gratifying Message

I received a message on Face Book today from the mother of a young girl who had received a copy of my Jumbo Book for Girls from her grandmother.  I eventually made the connection.  The grandmother's sister in law had ordered three books; one for herself, one for her sister and a third for her sister in law-- the grandmother in question.  Talk about a complicated chain of events! 

The message was brief.  The mom said her little girl loves her Jumbo Book so much she has traced her favorite pictures, drawn more of her own, and is busily creating her own original Jumbo Book. 

I wrote right back that this is the best possible outcome! 

My main goal and hope was that the format of the book and the overall spirit of fantasy depicted in the drawings would invite little girls to enter the world of imagination and draw their own pictures on the blank pages. I did not anticipate that the spiral binding also would makes it very easy to trace the drawings.  I am always amazed at the innovative genius of children.  They will always come up with a thousand ways to play with something that were never intended by the manufacturer.

I have heard from customers that the spiral bound format and sturdy cover stock pages make it easy for little kids to color in their laps or even in bed.  (A bonus for a child who is not feeling well!)  This feature might make Kat Green Coloring Books a useful diversion for a child who has to be hospitalized or who is recovering from a serious illness or injury.  I wished, as I read that, that the drawings might transport a bed-ridden child, in imagination, far away to a happy, interesting place.

I had no sooner had that thought than a friend in Los Angeles asked me to contribute a "Princess Package," including coloring books, book marks and party favors, to an auction and fashion show to benefit City of Hope.  I could not be more excited for this opportunity to make a tiny droplet of difference for a City of Hope patient. 

I wish I could thank everyone in person who writes to Kat Green Store for their generous words and great ideas. 

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