Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shopping for Glitter Glue

Kat Green Store is providing book marks for a Microsoft Halloween party.  We expect around 30 kids, so I have downloaded fairies, princesses, knights and the Kat Green Cat with a pumpkin, for the kids to color and thread with ribbon as book marks.  (Please follow the link to Kat Green Store, choose free downloads and take a look at the bookmarks if you'd like.) 

I will provide markers, glitter glue and ribbon, and a hole punch.  I decided this is a great opportunity for me to compare various brands of glitter glue.  I made a few discoveries that I thought might be useful to others who are buying craft supplies for kids.

The top row is Elmer's 3D Glitter Glue. It's a little more expensive than Crayola Bold Acid Free (second from bottom) and quite a bit more than Creative Hands, bottom.  But it's very easy to use.  It has a pop cap and comes ready to squeeze.  The second row is American Girl Sparkly Markers.  These are not 3D, and they offer more control, but they have to be primed for 20 seconds.  Very young kids would need help, and they're the most expensive. They also have a simple pop cap.

Crayola Dazzling Color, row three, is my favorite all-around, because it is very easy to use, comes ready to squirt and has a screw-on cap which I think is likely to be more air-tight than the others.  The colors are delicate and phosphorescent under normal light. 

The two least expensive, Crayola Bold (acid-free), row 4, and Creative Hands, row 5, have the same downside.  They are sealed with a small inner plug that has to be pulled by unscrewing the spout, and replaced after each use.  The cap is vented, so it will not prevent the glue from drying out. This little plug is tiny-- far too delicate for a child to manage.  I am very certain most kids would not be able or willing to replace it after each use.  I dropped one of them and had to search for it on my carpet. Creative Hands come in a pack of 15 colors; a good buy.  An adult would have to remove all the plugs, secure them in a baggie, perhaps, and replace them after the kids have finished.  Kids could use Elmer's or Crayola Dazzling colors with no supervision.  An older child or adult would need to get the American Girl markers flowing, but young kids would enjoy them after that.  Bold or Creative are definitely going to require grown-up oversight.

Elmer's 3D Glitter Glue Fred Meyer 2.99 5 .356 fl ozs 0.60 each
American Girls Sparkly Markers Michaels 9.99 6
1.67 each
Crayola Dazzling Colors Michaels 3.49 5 .35 fl oz 0.70 each
Crayola Bold (acid free)  Michaels 4.99 9 .35 fl oz 0.55 each
Creative Hands
Michaels 4.99 15 .3 fl oz 0.33 each


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