Sunday, October 17, 2010

Images for "Basics for Kids"

Add a cloudy sky, for fun.  Notice that the sky gets darker as it rises from the horizon?

Add other things in the background.  Maybe some trees.

Think about making things in the foreground larger.  And decide what should be in front and how much should show of things that are in back.  The orange isn't really bigger than the bunnies' tummies, but it's closer, so it looks bigger.  It hides one of the pink bunny's feet.  The pink bunny hides some of the box.

You can make your picture look more real if you decide where the light is coming from, and make everything a little lighter where it is closest to the source of the light.  Places that get almost no light are the darkest.

You can plan your "negative shapes" too.  Sometimes the empty space between parts of your picture also has a shape of its own.  In this picture, the negative shapes make two fairies.

You don't usually give away the secret of what is in your negative shape, but it's fun to think about what it might be.  In the picture below, there's a duck under the angel's right arm.  Can you see it?


  1. Thank you for posting these steps! My daughters class loved learning it and were so impressed with your drawings! They each took a bookmark from your free downloads! Thanks!

  2. Hi Sharon! Honestly, this is the most fun I have had since Christmas. I am ecstatic to hear the kids had some fun with these ideas and illustrations. Thanks for downloading the free bookmarks!!!!