Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day Two, Princess Project

I spent 5 years studying art, struggling with basic elements such as proportion and perspective.  Coming back to drawing even after a year's absence, it's painfully clear that it will take a while to get my mojo back.  Even with such rusty skills, the fun factor has been overwhelming.

Today I played around with sketches for my foam core cut-out princesses, which will become part of my Kat Green Store booth at Seattle's Cup Cake Camp next winter.  I'm focused on this small detail because I can't imagine anything more fun than a paper doll big enough to be a live child, and an outfit actually sewn from real fabric, but strictly for decoration.  (It won't have to withstand any of the stresses of a real ball gown, since its wearer will never take a step, far less a spin around a ballroom.)

My daughter observed that a large cut-out princess might be a fun thing for little girls to color, too.  Great idea.  It is percolating.

Here, I am deciding on the size of the cut-out.  The foam core cut-out will only go down to the hips.  The rest of the princess's body will be suggested by the skirt of the ball gown.  That will make it much easier to transport, store, and install. You will see at a glance that her arms are too bulky.  The proportion will be improved by making them more slender.   The sketch on the right is a better size.  The life-size drawing on the left is too big for the format-- I would have had to cut her arms from a separate foam board and attach them.  Way too much hassle.

Stay tuned.  Can't wait to paint the cut-outs and make the gowns!!


  1. Oooooooo can't wait to see the final product! It's bound to be an attention grabber & will have lotsof customers stopping at your booth!

  2. I like the idea of a large paper princess that girls could color! Maybe they wouldn't be life size, but instead fit on an 11x17, it could be a replica of the life size foam doll. That way, the little girl has a keepsake to take with from the booth? Just brainstorming :) Maybe there could be a line and "Name" so they can autograph their artwork when it's complete. Thanks for sharing your journey and letting my creative juices flow too! It is inspiring :)(Oh, and be sure to put the logo and web address on the 11x17 handout, if you were to do that. haha) Marketing!!