Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fresh-squeezed creative juice

Here are Sadie's and Alyssa's sweaters, as ordered:  hot pink with sparkles, and bright orange and fancy.  I couldn't find any hot pink yarn with sparkles so I knitted the pink sweater using two thicknesses of metalic silver specialty thread along with the yarn.  It definitely appears to be sprinkled with fairy dust, although the sparkles don't show in the photo unless you view it full-screen.  The fancy orange sweater has lace panels along the button placket, with hand-stitched shiny orange beads (lined with twinkling silver) following the pattern of the lace.

Next up:  Big Sister Abby.  I am excited to find out what she will choose for her sweater.  She is very original.

In addition to finishing Alyssa's sweater, I worked on the first drawings for my princess cut-outs (see the post below) today.  I am so stoked for this project!  The cutouts will be a cross between life-sized paper dolls and dress-up gowns with insane amounts of girly/royal foo-foo.  I am seeing glittering fake jewels in my sleep.  Miles of shimmering organza!  Ruffles that Scarlett O'Hara might have envied!  Lace!  Beads!  Glitter!  I am hyperventilating.  Drawings to come.


  1. LOL, I LOVE this post! :) I can feel your excitement. Just what I needed after a very long day of work... I'm in awe of these sweaters. They look awesome. I wish I could do that! Can't wait to see Abby's as well :)

  2. Corine, I'm glad your long day is over! You are one of the hardest workers I know. It's true, I am absolutely thrilled to be drawing, painting, scheming, and crafting for a while. If you ever decide you need or want a hand knitted sweater, just say the word(s). :)