Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Princess Detour

A friend suggested I should make sure some of my princesses were bald, in solidarity with little princess fans who are undergoing chemotherapy.

I loved the idea--in fact the whole point of Kat Green Store is to draw things for people who like to color-- especially things they have specifically asked for.

I have no idea where this will go; so I wanted to blog the journey, in case it gets interesting.  My friend, who has been deeply involved in fund-raising for City of Hope most of her life, said I should contact St. Judes.  She always thinks big.  She also advised that I could always ask for the Child Life Director of my local Children's Hospital.  This will take a bit of research and courage, but doesn't everything?

Here are the three pictures, colored.  Each "Princess Power Pack" will have one colored picture on the front and all three line drawings in the pack.  I'm going to make these as inexpensively as possible, because I want to donate them and my means are modest.  I think they will be fun, though.  I'll get clear plastic report covers  and wrap them in a pink ribbon tied with a bow.

Wish me luck.  And if you know a little girl undergoing chemo, or if your daughter has a friend or classmate who has lost her hair, please let me know.  I'll send you one right away.

Here's our princess, working on her wig with her princess pall. 

Princess Power in action.  Friends make even bad days good.

Princess Power:  Friends bring her-- and swing her-- along.


  1. This is a really great idea! I have a friend who's 12 year old daughter is battling cancer. It's amazing to see how tough she is, and how tough her family is! I think she's got 9 more months of chemo--and then with fingers crossed she'll be in remission! She's at a cancer center in Orange County. I'll find the name and see if that is something they would be interested in. You need to find a way to sell them--with each purchase a % being donated to cancer research, or to a children's cancer fund.

  2. Hey, Binsy. I'll look up the cancer center and see if I can send some directly.