Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kat Green Store has spring fever.

I have submitted my application to man a table at the Seattle Cup Cake Camp on April 16; I'm waiting for my form to become available to man a table at my daughter's kids' grade school carnival on March 10, and (gulp) I sent in my money to apply for admission at Coeur d'Alene's Art on the Green the first week in August. 

The first two events are a done deal.  I just heard from Carrie Middlemiss, the sponsor of Seattle's Cup Cake Camp, and I assume the school carnival will take all comers who are willing to pay $50 for the space.

So, while I wait for the beautiful covers for my Princess Power Packs, I'm sprucing up my mini fairy canvasses for spring. These are tiny-- about the size of a post card; just right to work on for a few hours in the evening at my little utility table.  I started them last summer during my mandatory leave from Microsoft, and now I'm adding the gardens and fiddling with the proportion, perspective and form modeling on the fairies.  They're never finished, but the second layer of work is always an improvement over the first.

Here's the update on the Princess Power covers:  My smart, resourceful daughter in law photographed the drawings (posted in an earlier blog, below), and asked her printer to print them for free, as they are going to be donated to St. Judes and Seattle Children's Hospital.  That's our Corine.  I'm really excited to receive them and get the Princess Power Packs in the mail, but meanwhile I am merrily painting, looking forward to spring.

My daffodils have sprouted and the upstairs lady has set out her primroses.  Spring comes early to Seattle, and the sunshine is always welcomed with jubilation.  In Seattle, we don't have to wait for April showers-- we're thoroughly drenched year-round.  On a sunny day people practically go leaping down the middle of the streets, whooping for joy.  Today was a day like that.


  1. Way to get out there and show your stuff!

    1. Thanks!!!!! I'll be blogging as these events unfold. I'm sure there's tons and tons to be learned about this sort of thing. Might as well wade in!